What it does

Limit myself to only areas and not others that I haven’t take careful time understand

Database aggregating forums, blogs, and youtube video

Neglating Quora

People can up vote and down vote, and specialities and Quora has gone to great lengths but it’s not perfect

And it’s not peer-reviewed

Medium which has 50 million

YouTube 1.9 billion community Facebook 1.7 billion Instagram 1 billion Pinterest

expertise go in and proactive rate

Metanalyssi Classes of evidence

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

I am looking for help improving my odds by using data/information/knowledge/wisdom/data science/data analysis/data analytics/data mining/artificial intelligence/explainable artificial intelligence/machine learning/deep learning/big data/representation learning/MLP’s/shallow autoencoders/logistic regression/ML classifiers/linear regression models/knowledge bases/meta analysis/information literacy/classes of evidence/research methods/data warehousing/storytelling data/good data

I found this, which shows the outline of academic disciplines:

This is the outline of knowledge:

Outline of education:

List of academic databases and search engines:

Information literacy:


Data warehouse:

Data analysis:

Outline of Information Science:

Outline of Library Science:

Outline of thought:

Outline of philosophy:

A glossary of philosophy:

A list of philosophical concepts:

A list of philosophies:

Human condition:

What's next for Database that aggregates the internet

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