Siva recently had his first child, a baby girl. This dramatic increase in responsibility inspired Siva to go on a hunt for the best baby monitor, but was disappointed to find that no baby monitor met his needs, so he did what any maker would do and decided that he would build his own!

Case use:

(1) PARENTS By performing customer validation, we found out that parents wanted an easy, simple, and wearless way to know 1) Is the baby alive? 2) Is my baby sick? 3) Is my baby in distress? To meet all of these needs, we set out to build a smart baby monitor that provides video feed and uses computer vision technology to measure the heart rate and temperature of the baby.

(2) NICU At an estimated US$127.1BN in 2013, the US medical device market is the world's largest, so we also spoke to several clinicians to find a fitting case use in the medical field. The clinicians indicated that the best use for our monitor would be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Body temperature and heart rate are key parameters for monitoring the health of premature babies. Cocoon Cam can 1) Save hospitals spending on leeds that monitor heart rate and equipment used for monitoring temperature 2) Send alerts to clinicians as needed 3) Improve the baby monitoring and patient experience by sharing video feed as deemed appropriate by the medical staff 4) Collect and analyze data to establish predictive analytics.


-Camera with night vision -Live video feed and recording -Temperature sensor and tracker -Heart rate sensor and tracker -Wear FREE!

Cocoon Cam is only the beginning. Our vision is to build a smart family monitor that can provide essential predictive health information from pregnancy to end of of life care.

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